Most Professional Investors Have Their Real Estate Finances in Order... Do you?

"Finally... The Specific Tools YOU need to Stop Wasting Time Setting Up Your QuickBooks, Get Set Up FAST, and Have the Real Estate Income YOU’VE Always Wanted”

You and I both know that getting your books in order leads to real estate success.  Listen to the experts - Robert Kiyosaki, Ron LeGrand and many more - and they will tell you the same thing: Keeping track of your business balance sheet is THE best way to increase your landlord income.

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you've ever had to deal with the initial frustration of QuickBooks only to not be able to figure out how to set up your rentals, you've stumbled across this site at just the right time.
In fact, if you read on you'll learn why losing money at tax time, feeling unprofessional and disorganized and losing unknown amounts of money on your investments never need to be an issue for you again.

Believe it or not, I know exactly who you are. How can I say that with such confidence?
Because I was where you are right now. 
Well, here's some good news: I've just released a powerful new video tutorial that will show you exactly how to set up QuickBooks for landlords in 30 minutes or less and begin to save more money!

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Get Your Quick Start Benefits and More Today - Read On!

In your copy of the 30 Minutes to QuickBooks tutorial video, we will teach you:
How to set up your QuickBooks in under 30 minutes
Save hours of time during tax season! No more sorting and recording endless receipts...
Maximize tax deductions! No more lost tax reciepts...
Set up your accounts like most professional investors do
Learn to do only the minimum needed for your rentals and your accountant
Save $100's or $1000's on your accountant bill by giving them your data in the format they need it in! Less work for them = fewer hours to bill you for...
Chart of accounts, properties, rents and expenses
Easy-to-follow, visual step-by-step instructions
Designed especially for beginners! Just follow the video - pause when you want!
Designed by an experienced accountant and a fellow landlord
Finally be and look professional to your friends and investing team (advisors, REIA, etc.)
You will feel so professional once you finally set up QuickBooks.
Don't forget that the cost of this video is tax deductible!

quickbooks for real estate

If you are like most of us investors, you file your receipts away until that dreaded month before tax season - when you finally tackle that tedious task of manually recording your expenses and mileage.

You've stressed for many years knowing that you should finally take action, stop losing money and get your books set up on QuickBooks.
You and I both know the many benefits of using QuickBooks and the truth is that most professional investors have their books in order.

The question is: Do YOU have your books in order? If not, give us 30 minutes to show you how - before another month of profits slip away.

This video is uniquely designed to help you get over your fear of QuickBooks.  I will help you get started today with only what you need to get the job done!

With this in mind, read a few of the many benefits you will quickly get from this tutorial.

How Does QuickBooks for Real Estate Help You
Set Up Your Rentals Fast?

QuickBooks for landlords screen shot
Forget reading through manuals and forms - watch our step-by-step video tutorial today.

Lance Moquin, an experienced accountant, walks us through the process of setting up our rentals in QuickBooks. Watch us easily set up the rentals and follow along on your screen! Pause and rewind as often as you would like.

Lance uses his experience as an accountant to show us exactly how to bypass all the unnecessary extras in QuickBooks and use only the tools that best fit YOUR rental properties.

Lance's insight will help you set up your rentals through QuickBooks in a way that your accountant can use the best - saving unneeded hours of time and frustration for both of you.

Get this quick start video for a third of the cost of other more complex programs others sell for advanced users. Most real estate professionals have their books in order... do you?

This was specifically designed to get you started quick and easily without all the other complex frills. At a third of the price the value is clear. Click order now below to be up and running in 30 minutes. Best part is there is No Risk just return it if you aren't satisfied and keep the bonus PDFs as our gift!

Get These Bonus Tax Planning Tools - But Only If You Buy Now!

But that's not all… To make sure you save the most money you can from your new QuickBooks program I'm throwing in the mother lode of FREE bonuses … And, each bonus is yours to keep… even if you cancel.

Purchase our 30 Minutes to QuickBooks Pro Tutorial now and you will get two bonus PDFs:

- The Most Important Tax Tips Your Accountant Wants You to Know
- Top 10 Overlooked Tax Deductions
(Many of these you are most likely missing right now!)

Hurry - you don't want to miss out on your chance to get your hands on these valuable bonuses!


"Many programs get too complicated - this program helps take you step-by-step..."

Here's What Satisfied Customers Have To Say...

Rick Henderson best real estate review
I spent hours trying to figure out how to set up QuickBooks for Real Estate Investing, Property Management, and Landlording. 
I spent most of Sunday looking for a cost effective training package, and it was Sunday evening and I had not even loaded the QuickBooks Pro 2011 software on my computer. 
Then I found this web site claiming to have me set up in 30 minutes. I watched the video and went to the website, and I was convinced that this was the training video I was looking for.

Watch the video, and do step by step exactly what they do on the 30 Minutes to Quickbooks software training video. It's that easy!!! 
I could see screen by screen exactly what to do. Another 30 or so minutes later, I had my properties loaded in QuickBooks Property management software, had my accounts set up, and was ready to start entering revenue and expense.

I highly recommend this product if you want to spend your time making money instead of doing accounting!

Rick Henderson:
Real Estate Investor, Rehabber, and Landlord  

Real estate investing 
Thank you Lance and Nick for your instructional video! I purchased Quickbooks after reading reviews that it was the best book keeping software out there, but became skeptical after wasting several hours trying to set up my properties. 
I was searching for help online, but could not justify paying more for training than Quickbooks cost me, and thats when I found your website.
Your video was clear and to the point and I quickly became familiar with the common transactions I encounter in my real estate business.
I am thrilled at the detailed reports I can now generate for my joint venture partners with Quickbooks, and I look forward to your future products.

                      Sam- Real Estate Investor
                          British Columbia- Canada  

Ask the Rehabber on 30 Minutes to QuickBooks 
I really liked this QuickBooks tutorial video! 
This is a great tool for any real estate investor who is new to setting up QuickBooks - clear, concise and relevant. 
Many programs get too complicated...this program helps take you step-by-step, and it’s perfect whether you are just managing a property or own income property.

I highly recommend 30 Minutes to QuickBooks - it’s well worth the purchase price. Thanks!

                      Joe Trometer: 
                         Rehabber & Landlord quickbooks in 30 minutes 
I created this video tutorial because I am a fellow landlord, and after trying to set up QuickBooks on my own a few times, I got so frustrated that I almost gave up on the program - until my friend and accountant Lance Moquin helped show me how to set up QuickBooks quickly and without all the extra stuff that I didn't need as a landlord.

I made this video tutorial so you wouldn't have these same frustrations. I hope my QuickBooks Tutorial helps you as much as it helped me!

                       Nick Storey
                           Landlord & Teacher 

If you would like to review a free copy and give us an honest testimonial please contact us at  
Because I've only recently launched the 30 Minutes to QuickBooks Tutorial video, I want to get some more positive testimonials before I start charging full price. With that in mind, the 30 Minutes to QuickBooks Tutorial video is available at a limited time for just $39.95.
60 day money back quarantee 

Plus, You Get a Full 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% Piece of Mind knowing you have 60-Days to return your 30 Minutes to QuickBooks and get your entire investment back. You have no risk to try... you can return it right away if it doesn't make you completely happy...count it as free QuickBooks training.

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we will get you all set up in QuickBooks. Just point and click along with us.

Remember the bonus PDFs are yours to keep even if you cancel at any time.

Return within the first 60 days for a full refund with no questions asked! If you are a fellow landlord, I promise you this video will finally get you up and running with QuickBooks. Test my promise out with no worries!


As soon as I receive a few more positive testimonials, I'll be raising the price to $67.00. If you want to finally set up QuickBooks in under 30 minutes (saving time and money) through this introductory offer, I encourage you to download your copy below as soon as possible, as I cannot promise this price will be available if you come back later. quickbooks tutorial
  YES! I want to download my copy of 30 Minutes to QuickBooks Tutorial now at this introductory price.

  I understand that I can download this mp4 video product immediately after making payment. This video will easily play on my computer.

  I also understand that I am 100% guaranteed to enjoy this material or I can request a no-questions-asked 100%refund.

                  With this in mind, click the Buy Now button below.

30 Minutes to QuickBooks Tutorial: A Quick Start Guide for Landlords

Buy now for $39.95

You will feel so professional once you finally set up QuickBooks. Don't forget that the cost of this video is tax deductible! The best part… it is 100% Risk-Free.

But it’s even easier for you, because you don’t really need to do anything. Just order this QuickBooks Tutorial, download the course, and follow the simple instructions.

So go ahead, order your copy now, and take the second step, the first one was reading this...


 QuickBooks Tutorial Video for Landlords: Save Tax Money!

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Download QuickBooks Video Now! 

Payments 30 Minutes to QuickBooks

100% Safe and Secure

If you don't act now, my bet is you're just procrastinating. So click the button above before you do anything else. Otherwise you may forget...

...and saving money and relief of the headache of setting up QuickBooks yourself is not something you want to let slip by! Quite simply, time is the only thing that isn't renewable.

Till next time,

Nick Storey and Lance Moquin, accountant 

PSI asked several fellow investors for advice on the pricing of this software, and they both told me to raise the price. So I can't guarantee how long the "30 Minutes to QuickBooks Tutorial: A Quick Start Guide for Landlords" will stay at this price...I reserve the right to raise it at any time according to their advice. Don't miss out on this below market value offer and order now...

If you've looked around already you know that this is a third of the cost of the other more complex programs. It's funny that we immediately drop everything and take care of a broken pipe in our property but then we choose to ignore our broken finances. It just makes sense to take action before another month slips by. Click the Quickbooks for Real Estate Buy Now button.

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